Pharmacy Residency
Pharmacy Residency

PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency

Program Info and Requirements

The Valley Health pharmacy residency program is a community-based and ambulatory-care program in conjunction with Marshall University. The program is a 12-month post-graduate program with a goal of providing residents with the experience and education required to provide excellent patient care in the community/ambulatory care setting. Valley Health’s mission is to provide the underserved population in our surrounding areas with outstanding healthcare. The program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and follows its goals and objectives for each rotation to achieve their standards.

Purpose: To build upon the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) education and outcomes in order to develop community-based pharmacist practitioners with diverse patient care, leadership, and education skills who are eligible to pursue advanced training opportunities including post-graduate year two (PGY2) residencies and professional certifications.

Program Description: The PGY1 Community-Based Residency at Valley Health provides residents with experience in disease state management, transitional care management, medication therapy management, and the opportunity to create new clinical pharmacy services. This program also provides residents with experience as faculty Marshall University School of Pharmacy.


The PGY1 Community Residency Program includes core longitudinal rotations such as:

  • Staffing rotation
    • Staffing includes three different Valley pharmacy sites (East Huntington, Huntington, and Wayne)
  • Disease State Management
    • Management of disease states (diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, substance use disorder, etc)
    • Transitions of care management
    • Target Drug Monitoring
    • Adherence/Star Measures
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
    • Currently, provide comprehensive medications reviews (CMRs) for eligible patients at numerous clinic sites and three pharmacy sites

Longitudinal Learning Experiences

  • Academic
  • Assist in teaching pharmacy students at Marshall University School of Pharmacy
  • Teaching Certificate program
  • Yearlong research project
  • Presentations to other healthcare providers/nurses
  • Assist in teaching pharmacy students at Marshall University School of Pharmacy
  • Teaching Certificate program

Requirements to Complete the Residency Program

  • Yearlong research project
  • Regional/state continuing education presentations
  • Poster presentation at ASHP Midyear
  • Presentation of a yearlong research project at Eastern States Conference

To apply, visit PhorCas, the centralized application site for Pharmacy Residencies.


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